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Are You Ready For The Weekend?

- Are You Ready For The Weekend?

Every weekend is special and time is valuable. If you plan a weekend activity and you need a transportation service to get you there, then Amaze Airport Car Services is the company you need. And we are available weekdays and weekends for your added convenience.

Car services are not just for students, tourists or airport services. There are many other uses for our private car services such as weekend plans that may include concert venues, museums, sports arenas, or public parks.

New York is home to some wonderful parks such as the Bronx Zoo, botanical gardens, Central Park, Coney Island, the aquarium, and Battery Park. The rumor about limited parking in New York City is true so we help you avoid the hassle of finding a suitable space to park your car. You can schedule the pick up and drop off with our services to ensure a guaranteed ride.

New York and New Jersey are also the homes of large stadiums that host sports events and big-name concerts all year long. We offer pick up and drop off services from places such as the MetLife Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Barclays Center, the Javits Center and the Madison Square Garden.

The next time you’re planning your weekend, remember to call Amaze Airport Car Services. Also, remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram through our handle @amazecarservices



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